Istanbul, Turkey

Perpetually Curious...
“My business is to create.”
William Blake
I’ve always been a maker! whether it is little toys that I play with as a child or custom-made laser-cut jewellery. I have always envisioned creations in my mind and have found a way to get them out into the world. 
Wanting to be a creator led me to design and architecture school in New York, where I developed an obsession with the human experience. I later went on to work as an Architect, and then as a Design Manager, designing experiences, at a spatial level, for leading hospitality and retail firms between New York City and the Middle East.
As physical experiences continue to transcend into digital ones, they become more obsolete each day. With that metamorphosis, I noticed that there is an opportunity to apply the same design thinking and methodologies in order to craft sensational, human-centric digital experiences. Enter user experience design. 
I believe that design is everywhere and that good design, that asks the right questions and that solves real human needs, can change the world! 
Currently, I am based in one of Europe's best design hubs, Berlin, where I design experiences everyday.
When I am not designing, I might be hopping on a plane to a random Southeast Asian destination, taking photos, or really messing up a new cooking recipe.
Thank you for stopping by! 
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